Converting to folder from a file with contents?

If you have a file with content and convert it to a folder, should the contents of the file become visible as a subfile within the folder? or not?

I noticed in the Interactive Tutorial and then in a new project that files converted to folders lost visibility of their content when browsed. Though converting it back to a file from a folder made the contents visible again.

That might be a little confusing to someone, but it’s nice that nothing is actually lost in the conversion :slight_smile:

Uploading an unlisted YouTube video to quickly show what I mean. Will appear here in a bit:

In Scrivener, just as files can have subdocuments, folders can have their own text. You can think of it like writing directly on the outside of the folder vs. the subdocuments being the papers contained within the folder. When you convert a file to a folder, the text is still there, it’s just “on” the folder rather than a document “in” it. The folder text thus isn’t visible if you’re viewing the folder’s contents on the corkboard or outliner, but you can include the text in Scrivenings mode* (in fact it is by default, but you can switch this under Tools > Options > Behaviors, in the General tab – deselect “Include enclosing group in combined scrivenings”) or view the folder text alone by switching off the group view by clicking the highlighted view mode button in the main toolbar. In this example, the corkboard is currently selected:HighlightedGroupViewModeButton.png(Note that we’ve got a UI issue currently whereby the icons aren’t displaying right with Windows scaling on. This is at 200% display scaling; if scaling is off, the currently selected icon will be dark grey against the background.)

Folders will open by default in whatever group view mode you last used for a folder (any folder), so if you switch to the single text view for a folder, the next one you select will automatically open in that text view as well. If you want to force a container to always load a specific group view mode regardless of your current default, right-click the document icon in the editor header and choose “Lock Group View Mode”.

  • Be aware that currently, Scrivenings mode is read-only.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: