Converting to word with footnotes embedded

Hi all,

I am in DESPERATE need of advice. My publisher has returned my manuscript to me with edits in track changes on a word document. The major issue is that the track changes don’t appear properly when I put the document into Scrivener so I need to convert my Scrivener manuscript into a word with the footnotes embedded. As It is I just cut and paste the chapters and the footnotes appear at the end like normal text. NOT separately like in a word document. So I need to know how to convert Scrivener to work with all the footnotes embedded out re-write 700-odd footnote, which I simply do not have the time to do. There must be a way to do this.

Any advice GREATLY appreciated. I am on deadline and falling rapidly behind!

Many, many thanks!


It sounds like what you are looking for here is just the Compile function. Compile to Word format and your footnotes will be footnotes and you can adjust them to show up in any of the various ways footnotes/endnotes can.

Though I am a little puzzled why you do not have the original document you sent to your editor. I mean, I am assuming what has been returned to you is a modified version of a Word file you sent. Seems like what you are asking for here is what the original Word file you sent already is. I guess I am also puzzled why you want this at this point.

Finally, though I am not the expert here (others can speak to how they work with editors at this stage), you should consider whether you are now at a stage with your manuscript where you should just move forward using Word.