Coordinate history navigation arrows with Binder selection

I’m fairly new to Scrivener, using Windows version 1.5.7, so I hope this is not something already on the wish list. I couldn’t find it in searching this forum.

I like having the history navigation arrows in the Editor’s header bar (whose action, I just discovered, is also accessible by pressing Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+]). I also like being able to click on items in the Binder to move from document to document. What I wish is that these two were coordinated better: I wish that when I click on one of the navigation arrows, the corresponding item would be selected in the Binder. I find it confusing sometimes, when using the arrows, to be looking at one document in the Editor and have a different document sill highlighted in the Binder.

Thanks for listening, and for an absolutely marvelous program.

There has been extensive discussion on this form of design in the past, here is one such thread:

Note that links directly to Keith’s tip on how to view the item you are editing in the Binder (opening any containers and scrolling views if necessary to do so), but you’ll need to convert the keyboard shortcut to Ctrl-Shift-R for Windows. My response below that one describes why changing this behaviour would cause the Binder to be converted into a completely different kind of tool, leaving the software without a static workspace or planning area that you have absolute control over.

There are many ways for the editor to get to where it is, without the help of the Binder. In fact the Binder is only one of I believe seven different ways to navigate around in a project, and some of those are definitely not actions you would want to trigger spontaneous Binder activity over, like clicking on a hyperlink in the text, or dragging and dropping a search result from a floating panel into the header bar to load it (a feature not yet implemented on Windows).

History navigation arrows would be worth considering for the binder itself. Or for the Inspector, same effect.