Copied text on one line instead of below eachother

I apologize for this probably easy to solve thing, but I can’t find how…

I try to copy/paste a large quantity of text but when I do that, all the lines are being copied on top of each other, not below eachother, so I have one big unreadable blackish line.
If I copy only 2-3 short lines, and go from small page size to maximized page, I can see the lines, while they are on top of eachother if there’s not enough space for them on one line.
I don’t have the problem if I type normally, only with copy/pasting

Sorry, I’m not native english speaking, I don’t know how to explain otherwise, but I sure hope anyone can help me out.


and when I close Scrivener and reopen it, all the lines are completely blacked out, even in max size… what goes wrong??

It sounds like the document you are pasting into has strange line height settings. Put the cursor on the line that has overlapping text, and use the Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Line and Paragraph Spacing... menu command. Set the Line Spacing control to “Single”.

You could also try using the Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting menu command. This will clean up the entire text you have selected in the editor.

I’m copy/pasting from google drive to scrivener and the settings were already single line spacing. Somehow, i found out that if I close Scrivener, it changes back to normal line spacing in scrivener, only all the new text is highlighted black, so I only have blacked out lines… easy to change but incredibly annoying if you have to copy/paste a lot.
I never had this, used scrivener a lot in the past, it feels like a bug…

It may be, if you can give us sample data or the steps necessary to reproduce it, we could look into it.

My guess is that your word processor is using text highlight colour in an unusual way. You could try the Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style menu command, if this is a common enough problem. That will strip out all formatting on paste. It is not as good if you actually need formatting though.

yeah, I’ve been experimenting and I think the problem is Google Drive. working around it now, thanks for helping out!

Copying from google docs to Scrivener produces wonky formatting, nearly always. For me it produced the effect as described (all in one line) or even if it pastes into separate lines, it’s blue and underlined, like a link.

That actually makes no impact on pasting from google docs for me - it anyway strips italics etc from the text. For me, c&p from google docs produces this result:


So, italics get stripped and, randomly, “link like” formatting is added.

However, pasting from google docs to Word and from Word to Scrivener seems to preserve the correct formatting. Maybe there is something wrong with how Scrivener interprets the pasted content?

so it looks like Google is being creative. It’s helpful to know that taking one stopover on Word is working the way it should, I’ll do that!
Thank you all for helping me out!

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