Copy a Photo from one doc to another?

Is there any way to copy a photo that is associated with a folder or file to another folder or file, or to save it as an image file?



If it is in a file, then you can just cut or copy and paste it, like you would a word. Shift-arrow keys to select it work best. Otherwise, if it is in the Binder you can just manage it like any other file. It can be duplicated or moved.

I dragged an image from the internet to the synopsis, so I don’t think either of those solutions will work.

BTW, putting an image in a forum post does not work right. To see this, you’ll need to right click and choose View Image (or the equivalent in your browser).

Ah, I see what you’re referring to now. Hmm, it looks like dragging it to the binder doesn’t work yet. I see that is already on the bug list. What does work however is dragging it to a text editor, so you can get it out that way, albeit with the extra step of then saving it from the editor by right-clicking. Sorry, that’s a bit unnecessarily circuitous.