copy and paste bug when pasting outside of scrivener

version: 1.66
Windows 7
Not sure how many other people will have this problem, but if you have a text that was made from copying and pasting two documents together, then you cannot copy and paste the whole text into an outside program, like for example I was trying to use It only copies the first part of the text.

Here’s how to get the bug:

  1. make a new text document
  2. copy and paste text into the document
  3. copy and paste text into the document a second time
  4. select all text and copy
  5. open notepad
  6. paste text, only the first text will appear.

If you try to only select the text that did not paste it will not paste anything at all.

It works for me running Windows 7. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Okay, I just tried to recreate the bug, and at first I thought it I had. But what happened for me was that when I pasted the copied text into Notepad, it took two whole paragraphs and literally made it about one and a half lines long. I had to scroll waaaaaay across to read the whole text, which at first glance makes it appear that I’ve only pasted the very first part of my text. THEN, if you try to recopy and paste what you think didn’t get pasted the first time, it just adds it on to the end of the sentence that you can’t see if you don’t scroll. Which could make it look like it didn’t paste at all, but it did.

I hope that made sense. It’s late :smiley: I’m not saying this is what you’re experiencing, but that’s what it did for me, and I could see how at first glance it could look like it didn’t paste the whole thing.