Copy and Paste Function Lost in Scrivener App

Since the latest iOS update, I’ve lost the ability to highlight text to either copy or cut. I can still insert text where I wish, but when I attempt to highlight, I get an oversized cursor that will not move predictably over the words I want to highlight and no highlighting appears.

That sounds a little as if an Accessibility setting is being triggered, but I can’t think which. You can see which are active in Accessibility in the Settings app.

Does it happen on any project?

Probably the best thing to try is a reinstall of the Scrivener app, after ensuring you’ve got all your data backed up:

Hi Rob, Thanks for replying. The problem is evident across projects — cursor is normal if I want to insert a word, oversized and above the text if I try to use my finger to highlight text that I want to cut or copy. No highlighting appears. I don’t see reference to accessibility tools anywhere in the app settings. Can you tell me where I’d find those please? Thanks.

Hi Karen,

The Accessibility section is in the main iOS Settings app, not specific to Scrivener. It probably isn’t related as you would have had to turn one of the features on. A reinstall is your best bet, after backing up.

I’ve just backed up Scrivener (a nightmare of a whole other kind where I lost 2 years of work through a stupid error, but Apple rescued me). Anyway, I deleted and then reinstalled the Scrivener app. I’ve still got the same problem. The cursor is oversized, I can’t highlight a line, can’t copy and paste, can’t delete other than by backspacing. Anyone else having this problem? Any other ideas for how to fix it? It happened after the last iOS update so if no one on this community can help, I’ll see what Apple can do … but they don’t tend to get involved in specific apps. Thanks.

OK, can you email with full details so we can look into it further. It might be helpful to include a video of it happening. see for how to do that.