Copy and Paste Images Bug

Scrivener version Beta 0.2.4, does not allow me to paste images into the document. I tried right click, copy, right click, paste, and also tried it with the ctrl+c and ctrl+v. I also used the paste option from the drop down menu from the scrivener “edit” tab. It will paste MS Word 2007 text just fine, but refuses to paste images from the same document. The images attempted were imported images from folder, images from the internet, and also clipart, copied from MS Word 2007 or directly from the internet, and pasted (well, tried pasting) into Scrivener. It should also be noted that I have similar images in the scrivener document from the previous version (0.2.3?), which did allow me to copy and paste images. Let me know if I can do anything to assist with this Bug. Thanks again Scrivener team!


Thanks for the report, Aubri.

In the meanwhile, it is possible to use the Edit>Insert command to bring in images; you can also drag them into your text document from the binder or from the desktop or Windows Explorer.

Thanks MM! That will do very nicely for now :slight_smile: