Copy and Paste is changing my font and sometimes just randomly italicises everything.

This is a recent problem that only just started happening. But when I Copy and Paste something from Microsoft Word into Scrivener it’ll either change the font . . . or sometimes it just randomly italicises everything.

This can be very frustrating when some of the stuff I’m pasting might have one or two words in italics and I have to scan the entire text to find them to re-format them.

It always used to just paste in exactly as I copied it. What changed? Is this a known bug? Is there a way I can fix this or am I best off just moving all my work into a word document? =(

I’ve had that problem on the Windows version of Scrivener/Word and it was something to do with a emdash being interpreted wrongly, iirc. Everything after the dash became italics.

The simple solution, I found, was to Paste and Match Style, instead of just pasting, and then format the Scrivener text as I wanted it to appear before the compile/Export process much later on.