Copy and paste style shortcut not working 0.2.9

Hi. While loving every update to Scrivener, in this version copy and paste style shortcuts do not seem to be working for me. Using Ctrl + Shift + C and Ctrl + Shift + V to no effect. I actually preferred the previous menu version that had them explicitly as commands. Any explanations or tips on how to work around?

The commands do work if you select them from the menu (under Format>Font), so it just seems to be the shortcuts that are malfunctioning. I tried setting the shortcuts to something else and that did work, so you could try doing something similar until this is fixed. To change the shortcuts, go into Tools>Options… and choose the Keyboard tab on the end, then just type in the command you want to adjust the shortcut for, select it from the list, and then supply a new shortcut sequence at the bottom of the pane.

Also note that the default shortcut for Paste Font (which used to be Paste Style) is Ctrl-Shift-Y, not Ctrl-Shift-V.

EDIT: Actually, after having changed the shortcuts and then reset them to the Scrivener defaults (click the arrow in the “Import” button and choose “Scrivener”), the regular shortcuts now seem to be working both in the editor and in Full Screen. So I may have had something goofed to begin with, but if Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-Y aren’t working for you initially, you could try adjusting the shortcuts and reverting them and then see if that kicks it into gear. I’ll test this further.

Ctrl + Shift + C plus Ctrl + Shift + Y works like a charm. Thanks. Does the font command in the menu only change the font or does it work like the old command and change other style features to match?

It changes all font attributes, like style used to do, so font face, font size, bold, italic, etc. Paragraph (ruler) attributes are separated into the Copy/Paste Ruler commands under the Format menu. These don’t currently have shortcuts.