Copy Basic HTML that is ACTUALLY Basic

I would like it if the Copy Basic HTML option actually produced basic html, minus all style and margin formatting elements. I would like to be able to copy as basic html and see only simplified html.


Line of bolded and italicized text.

rather than:

Line of bolded and italicized text.

which is what I get (literally. I typed the line into an open scrivener file and then performed a copy Basic HTML function and pasted it here). I post sections and chapters in forums and on sites like, and copying directly from schrivener is an involved and frustration process that involves copying the html code into a plain text editor, finding and replacing all style codes, checking that doing that didn’t lose any and all italics and boldings (it often does, which I believe is the case with the above text, and then I have to go through the whole process again to fix it before moving on), then copying that basic html into whatever forum I am attempting to post on. What should take 15 minutes at most takes upwards of three to six hours of frustrating work.

The text toolkit is responsible for the massive and convoluted job of turning RTF data into HTML. We have minimal control over it, but if there isn’t an option for it, we can’t do it unless it is something that can be fixed with operations that amount to simple copy and paste and search and replace.

Have you tried using the MultiMarkdown support in the software? You just mark your text with simple and intuitive codes, like this, and when you compile you get pristine, super clean HTML5, ready for CSS or even clean enough for as a machine data source for scripting. Getting a clean result out of a word processor based result has never been the most efficient way to generate HTML, and you won’t find that much different here.

Thank you for responding. I feared this would be the case, since according to several Mac users, copy Basic HTML on their version produces the basic HTML I’m looking for.

I will try the MultiMarkdown option.

Can I ask what the difference between copy HTML and copy Basic HTML is supposed to be in Windows, if it produces apparently the same code? On the user end, having two options that appear to do the same thing seems a little misleading and redundant.

You might check and see what options the forum software offers for importing Word or RTF documents. I’m not familiar with, but I do use WordPress a bit, and they have a Word import tool that “just works” and gives a simplified HTML result.

You might also try generating plain text from within Scrivener, then adding italics and bold back in by hand.