Copy Between Project Outlines

Is it possible to copy/paste documents from project outline to another project outline? Or do you have to have the “target” binder open too? Thanks, David

Not specifically with copy and paste, but you can open up both projects at once (I think that is what you mean by having the target Binder open?) and then use drag & drop to get the material from one project to another. This will retain most of its meta-data.

Hi Amber: I wasn’t clear.

  • Two Projects open side by side
  • Outlines only open on both (i.e., binder and inspector closed on both)

Can you drag and drop between them? Doesn’t seem like you can.


Ah, you can’t drop directly into the outliner to import; you can only import via the binder. So yes, you can drag from the outline of one but you need to have the target project’s binder open and drop there.

Related to this issue of copying documents between binders, is it possible (or could it be) to drag a document (not its text or metadata) into another part of the binder (from the Research folder to the Draft folder or vice versa), leaving a copy in its place?

I keep a list of quotations (as documents) as a reference library in my Research folder, and when I need to use one, I would like to just drag and drop it into my draft, while KEEPING A COPY IN THE RESEARCH FOLDER. I have to Duplicate with shift-cmd-D every time and then drag those copies up to the draft. Is it possible to drag and drop, while holding down the alt or ctrl key so that it copies and doesn’t move the document?

Thanks for an amazing product, Rich

Under Navigation preferences, tick “Option-dragging creates duplicates”.

All the best,

Wow, Keith, this is very helpful! thank you, Rich