"COPY" cursor in corkboard freeform mode


a small but slightly distracting little bug:

I have just discovered the power of Scrivener’s freeform corkboard, hoping to have i replace my old analog notepad-and-a-pile-of-postit-notes method to creating the initial structure of my screenplays.
However — it seems that dragging cards in the freeform view always gives me the green PLUS-cursor, implying every time I drag a card that it will be duplicated (which doesn’t happen).

That’s all for now — as always thanks for a great program!


This post has slightly been edited due to stupidity. Mine, unfortunately. In the future, I’ll try to stop asking for features that are just disabled in the settings.

PS. When we’re at it, this doesn’t quite look intended either, does it? Seems like synopsis text isn’t clipped at index card borders — no matter what I do, really… (insert hmmm-looking smiley here.)