'Copy Document Link' in Scapple

Glad to hear you got something working the way you want. Tinderbox fills a lot of gaps! For those that don’t have it though, here are a few clarifications and expansions on what can be done:

  • Items in one project are easily available from others. So if you have a piece of research that pertains to several projects, there are two routes you can take:
    1. Use File ▸ Import ▸ Research Files as Aliases/Shortcuts instead of regular import, in each project, all pointing back to the original on the disk somewhere. Now they all share the same exact file.
    2. Import the board into the project fully, and then in any other projects that need this resource, drag from the binder where it is stored into the other project’s Bookmarks list, to create a direct scrivener-item link. Consider an item in the binder can be used as a dedicated “handle” for this one bookmark if you want. More tips in this thread.
  • Creating a large-scale “map” in Scapple: it depends on the data for sure. The idea I was trying to get across there though is that if one just says “Region B” (whatever makes sense there, topically), and that lands you in the rough vicinity of which the note is that you want, that can often be good enough, and even more resilient to shifts in the underlying specifics of the data. For me anyway, Scapple is a highly volatile environment, individual notes come and go all of the time. An area as a reference will be a lot more solid. That’s where it all depends on the data, and how you use the software though.