Copy/Duplicate Binder Items?

Hello all,

Is there any key combination I can use to copy Binder items? I have about five or six documents I want to copy into nine different folders, and I’d hate to have to recreate them all individually in each folder. Thanks!


Scrivener uses the standard Mac shortcut key(cmd-D) for this (D for Duplicate…)

Cmd-D duplicates a document and all its sub-documents (adding ‘copy’ to the titles – and copy-1, copy-2 etc as you repeat the duplication…)

Shift-cmd-D just duplicates the document itself (no sub-documents and the title remains the same).

You can then move the documents to their final resting places…

These commands are also on the Documents > Duplicate menu.

Hope this helps…


There is also an option in the Navigation preferences which when enabled emulates the Finder behaviour for drag copying from one location directly to the target location. “Option-dragging creates duplicates”. Just hold down the Option key and drag the source document to the target location and let go. This uses the standard duplication method (with children).