Copy File from one folder to another

Current project with 30 chapters.
For each chapter, I want the same folder and file structure.
(I was already adapting a word doc to a scrivener project when I decided to add the file structure.)

a_See this first
b_And then this
c_another thing

a_See this first
b_And then this
c_another thing

To do this “quickly” I created blank text documents in a windows folder and then used windows file manager to drop the files into each chapter’s folder. This worked for getting the files into the project.

I would be very happy to be able to copy a file to another folder within Scrivener.

Tried duplicating files: lots of moving and name editing.

(Corrolary: sorting files within a folder, for me, by name.)


Take a look at “document templates”. You can essentially create that structure as a template, and then add that template folder structure whenever you need a new set.

See Part 5, Step 20 of the interactive tutorial (under Help) to learn more about document templates.

And for periodic duplications that wouldn’t warrant using a template, ensure Option-dragging creates duplicates is enabled in the Navigation preference pane, and then… you guessed it, opt-drag the folder to dupe it and its child items to the location of your drop.