Copy folders from one project to another?

Hey guys;
I have a project which contains a journal. Over time, I have been adding many subjects to the journal, each in its own folder.
Now, I’m thinking I might want to break this project up into several projects, but I cannot find a method to copy a folder from one project into another.
This would seem a basic and essential operation, but I am at a loss to find how to do it.
What am I missing?


  1. Open the current project and the new project side by side so you can see the two binders and drag the relevant folders and document in the current project to the binder of the new project, or

  2. Duplicate the current project, delete the folders and documents that you don’t want in it and empty the trash.,

Using Windows Explorer, rename the project.scriv(s)—the top level folder(s), not the .scrivx file within, to distinguish them.



Thanks Mark.
I don’t know why I didn’t think to drag the folders. I guess it’s just that I have gotten into the habit of using copy and paste. I’m not so much a drag and drop kind of guy…