Copy from Word File loses all apostrophes. Quotes Fine.

Hey there. I just wanted to report a serious issue I’m having that I haven’t seen reported yet. At least not in the way I’m seeing the issue. Basically I have some text in a Word file and I cannot get it into Scrivener with any method without losing my apostrophes. If I copy from Word to Scrivener all my apostrophes ( ’ ) are just gone. Quotes are ok though.

I have tries straight copy/paste. I’ve tried saving to .rtf and importing but still the apostrophes are gone. The only way I’ve been able to transfer anything successfully at all is to copy into notepad and paste over but then I lose all formatting and line breaks obviously.

Anyway, hope to see a fix for this soon because I have a lot to get out of Word. Thanks so much!


This has been reported before with a couple of temporary solutions. Did you try those? Also, what version are you using?


You might wish to try importing your files using an intermediate text processor.
With Beta 1.4, this did not help much, but with Beta 1.5 it works much better.
Yet, still not perfectly (this is related to smart quotes).

What I do is save my Word files to Works, then open them in Works and save to rtf.

The result is funny : I get SOME apostrophes DOUBLE and SOME accented letters DOUBLE, but NONE OF THEM IS MISSING.

Next step : Find and replace ‘’ by ', éé by é, àà by à, a.s.o.
This is done in one turn on a complete project.

It is the fastest solution I found by now.
Good luck.

Thank you for the replies. You actually gave me an idea to fix it. First off I did try other suggestions for the reinstall and everything but none of them worked. What I did fined that worked was making and adjustment to my doc before the cut/paste.

For those that want to try it I did find/replace and replaced all my ’ with %. Then I cup/pasted into scrivener. Everything copied ok. Then in scriv I did find/replace on all the % to ’ and again to get make the apostrophes curly.

It’s not perfect but it didn’t take long at all to do. Hope this helps anyone having the same issue. Thanks again for the comments, they are what made me think of trying this!

One of the other suggestions I was referring to was not reinstalling but simply saving your document in OpenOffice. The apostrophes will then be preserved. This might also be of interest.