copy general meta data to new project?

I’m still wearing my newbie hat. Working on my first WIP in Scrivener and getting into the groove. I’m liking the various labels/status stamps I’m setting up and think I’ll want to use them for another novel project. Can I easily move that meta data to a new project or should I just make my current project a template, delete all the pages and then the meta data would be there?


What you should consider doing is making yourself a template out of the project you have evolved so far. The best way to do this is use the File/Save As... menu command to create a new copy of the project and start working in the copy immediately. You can save this copy somewhere temporary, as you’ll be deleting it shortly. Next, delete all of the book specific items from the binder and empty the trash. You should be left with a shell—all of the support stuff like keywords, compile settings, labels and maybe some general research portal links you use. Now use the File/Save as Template... menu command. Fill in this form,and now you’re done.

You can test the new template by creating a new project and selecting it from the New Project template chooser window. Once you’re done you can safely remove the shell project and any tests you created. The original will be stored in your template settings for future use.

You’ll probably be evolving it further as you continue to use the software. It’s easy to update a template. Just create a temp copy somewhere, change the project how you wish, and then use the Save as Template command to replace the old version.

Thanks so much, Amber. That’s what I’ll do then.

I swear, every day I just fall more and more in love with the program. It is going to make me a better writer because of the way it is making me think. (20+ years as a panster.)

Thanks, glad to hear the software is proving beneficial to your work!