Copy images out of Scrivner

As I’m preparing class material I often find images I’d like to include in my workbook and presentation so I do a screen shot and paste it into Scrivener. I discovered that I can’t paste it into the note card which means after exporting my note cards to PowerPoint I have a blank slide. So I have to manually put the image into PowerPoint, but I can’t copy it out of Scrivener. Is there a way around this?

I know I can save the image as a separate file and import it to the note cards (and, I presume the main text) but I’d rather not do that. Don’t really want a bunch of screen shot files all over my hard drive, plus it’s an extra step.


I’ll have to double-check when I’m around a PC, but can’t you just select the image in the text editor and copy it?

Nope. That was the first thing I tried. I also tried right-clicking after selecting the image. I have a copy option, but when I go to PowerPoint or Word and paste, nothing is there.

That’s very strange, I have no problems doing either method—either selecting the image and pressing Ctrl-C, or right-clicking and choosing “Copy”. Once I’ve done that, in Word I can just use standard Ctrl-V to paste it, and in PowerPoint I right-click and paste as figure (U). Perhaps it is a difference of versions? I’m using Office 2010 and Windows 7 to test.

got it!

I’m using Office 2007 on windows 7. I don’t have Paste as Figure, but I do have Paste Special. I was able to use that to get the image into PowerPoint. Don’t know why plain old paste won’t work…

any idea how to paste a copied/screen shot image into the note cards now? that would save me from having to manually paste them into PowerPoint. The only was I see to get an image into a note card is to import the file

You can’t paste right into the index card itself, as you note, but you needn’t create a file first. You could paste into the text editor and then drag the image from there into the black index card area. To be clear though, this isn’t going to help you get images into PowerPoint (image cards do not compile as images). I wouldn’t really be considering using the “index card” as a method for generating content for other programs—you can to a limited degree, but that’s not what the feature is designed for. It’s meant more to be a place where you can jot down notes to yourself (or represent things as images as another form of note)—think of it more along the lines of being able to write notes about your files, directly only their icons in Explorer or on the desktop.

I don’t really know anything at all about PowerPoint, but it seems to me it is not itself capable of opening files with images and doing anything with them intelligently? How would one, for example, create a Word document with images and import that into PowerPoint? That is basically what we are talking about here. Scrivener is of course not Word, but that is the type of file it deals with, not presentation formats.