Copy Keywords/Metadata between projects

Feature handy for Series fiction writers who find it unwieldy (and risky!) to put multiple novels in one project would be the ability to port the Project Keywords, Custom Metadata, Status, and Labels from one project to another.

Including these fields along with any custom project settings (card colors, etc) in an Copy Customizations to… would make life much simpler when starting Book 5 of 12.

Currently, the workaround is to create a blank project, set all these fields ahead of time (and hope they don’t change as you’re writing!), save it as a Project Template

If I might ask, why do you find it to be risky, or even unwieldy, to keep multiple novels in a single project? If it’s all text, it shouldn’t actually create a very large file, and even with some pictures it should still be manageable, size-wise. I can only see riskiness as a function of “keeping all your eggs in one basket,” but even then, you’ll have multiple backups in case something happens. Also, whether in a single project or spread among multiples, the individual scene documents are going to be the same in Windows Explorer. The only difference is where these documents are stored on your computer. So maybe you’d be looking at the possibility of losing a single folder containing all of your documents, but again you’d have backups in place (hopefully, I guess). If a hard drive fails, it doesn’t matter if your documents were organized in one single folder or five, they’re still just as corrupted/potentially irretrievable.

Not trying to disparage or pick a fight, I was just honestly curious about your apprehensions to do something that I personally have been doing successfully for years now. I’m always looking for reasons to change what I do, if it means that I will then be doing it better after the change.

If you copy a document with a keyword attached to it from one project to another (drag from binder to binder), it will add that keyword, if missing, to the target project. Not sure about other metadata, but creating test projects is the perfect way to experimentally discover if something will work.

Another way you might want to do this is to create a project template; use File->Save As, name it “Series X template project”, and then delete everything that doesn’t belong in the next book. When you’re done, and have emptied the trash in that project, use File->Save As Template to add it to your templates in Scrivener. When you next want to start a book in that series, choose that template. A lot of what you want to transfer from one project to another is stored in the project file, and therefor will be stored in a project template.

I had a bizarre corruption issue with a project containing multiple novels. Luckily, it was only the trial, so I only lost the manuscripts I had begun to import and split from MS Word, and a few scenes I written in two of the books. Restore from backup (one previous to last) fixed the binder weirdness, but I still had to copy/paste (afraid drag-n-drop would recreate the glitch).

I have created a series master template with all the goods, which was great, until I noticed I’d forgotten a few things :frowning: I fixed the template so future books will have it, but I fixed to do the books I’d already imported manually. Not insurmountable, just a pain.

The ability to change it a single place and have it automatically update/replicate in all associated projects or port it would just make life easier. (I’m a big believer in maintaining a single master and just referencing it rather than embedding it)