Copy link command

I think I brought this set of issues up during the beta period, but I’m still struggling.

Why can’t I right-click on a link in a Scrivener doc and see a “Copy Link” command? I see a “Remove Link” command, but not a copy link option.

I can select a text with a link, hit Ctrl-Shift-L, then Ctrl-A to select the link, then escape out of all that. But that’s a ton of work.

Is there a programmatic (programming) reason a Copy Link option doesn’t exist? Or is there something obvious I’m missing.



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Just “Copy” worked for me. In one document, I inserted a link to another by dragging the link document title from the Binder to where I wanted the link to appear. Then I highlighted it, selected Copy, moved to a third document and selected Paste. The result was the same link in the third document.

Thanks. The problem is in exporting the link outside of Scrivener. Doing what you suggest, then pasting into anything else pastes only the text.

What’s needed is a real Copy Link command, available from the right-click menu.

If it can be done in twelve steps (ok, I exaggerate), why can’t it be done in one?


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Probably because that wouldn’t just be a change for the Windows version, but would be a change to both Mac and Windows. In which case, it’s worth politely bringing it up in the Wish List forum.

Interesting, Devin. I had no idea the Mac version also lacked this option. So yes, it seems like this is a Wish List item.