Copy of Manuscript for backup

Hi, everyone.

Here’s what I want to do: Make a copy of my book as it is (including chapters and snapshots) now, so I can file that bit of amber as a super backup in the same Project (Just In Case, y’know!). I want to keep all the chapters in the original Manuscript folder in their order, but delete all the snapshots. (I generally like where I am so far, and don’t contemplate going back to previous versions.)

I already have a directory/folder called “Old Drafts and Scenes” where such things live.

Is there an easy way to do this? It doesn’t seem that I can copy the Manuscript folder itself (when I do that, Paste is dimmed in the menu). Nor can I copy the chapters as a group. It seems I can Option-Click to move a copy of an individual chapter to the new folder. Is that the most efficient way?

Thanks for any help.



Select the manuscript folder, then ‘Duplicate’. That will give a copy of the folder and all its contents. You can the move the duplicate copy to the Research folder.

Thank you, MrGruff. Arthur

You can also drag with Option held down, to copy, just like with the individual chapters. The whole draft will copy, too.

I do wonder why you want to do this /within/ the project you are working on, rather than make a duplicate of the scriv project file itself (in the Finder) and filing that away somewhere. As super backups go, that seems, well, more super.