Copy older version projects onto the newer version of scriviner

I recently upgraded to the newest version of Scrivener for Windows. I have about six projects in my older version. How can I get them into the newer version (along with notes, photos, etc.).

File → Open, navigate to where you have saved your projects and open them. Scrivener will ask you if you want to convert to the new format, you answer yes, and Scrivener opens them.

Thank you for this. It worked like a charm. All updated.

So, very off-topic, I know, but how do you get that arrow?

For myself, I use a text expansion tool that has all manner of snippets, ⇒symbols⇐, common URLs I type in, boilerplate for metadata blocks, posts and bug reports, names, addresses, macros that transform text, commonly used shell commands, interactive forms that download resources from common URLs, you name it!

A good open source (donation-based) cross-platform one to check out is Espanso—so long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty with some simple text-file based configuration. At a basic level, it looks about like this:

  - trigger: "&rarr"
    replace: "→"

@Charlson If only for occasional use, ALT+26 will give you → whilst ALT+27 will give you ← ie hold down the ALT key at the same time as pressing the numbers (nothing will show up) then release the ALT key and your symbol shows.

A complete list of codes can be found here.

Doesn’t often work with laptops although apparently some will work if you press the Fn and ALT key.

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I simply type - followed by a > :slight_smile:

Actually, ALT+NumPad26 gives → but ALT+TopRowOfKeyboard26 gives nothing.

You gotta use the numpad or you’re out of luck.

But thanks @AussieDoc.

I have filed this away for future use.