Copy/Paste Bug Loses Format

I didn’t see this specifically in the known issue list or in any of the current posts.

  1. Go to the editor that has a few paragraphs in it.
  2. Select a paragraph or some text
  3. Cut the text.
  4. Put the cursor at the end of some paragraph.
  5. Paste.
  6. The pasted text is in 8 point MS Shell Dlg 2 instead of the text/text size of either the original text or the place that it’s being pasted into. It should be in the style of the point where it’s being pasted into, I believe. It definitely should not be unformatted.

I thought it was also adding an extra carriage return/line feed but when I just tested it, it didn’t.

Using Paste And Match Style (Ctrl + Alt + V) works around this issue.