Copy/Paste Error

Hey there,
I’m new to Scrivener and every time I try copy-pasting text from my Google Docs novel into Scrivener it looks like this:

I have tried pasting without formatting and changing my font from my usual (Alegreya Medium) to something that Scrivener accepts (Cambria or Courier New), but I am still facing this problem. It only seems to occur if I paste several thousands words into a Scrivener scene, if I paste a few dozen words the problem disappears. Help, please?

My knowledge of Google Docs is very limited (i.e., approximately zero). But is it possible to save/export the document to your computer as an RTF file? If so, then it should be a piece of cake to import it into Scrivener. This would avoid any issues that might be caused by (for instance) unseen HTML code in the Google Doc. It might still be a good idea to change the font.

Thanks, I will try that!

Copy/paste it into Notepad first, then copy/paste again from Notepad to Scrivener. Be sure to copy from Notepad that second round, Notepad will strip out any formatting.

I’d try selecting all within the scrambled document (Ctrl-A), and cutting and pasting (Ctrl-X Ctrl-V). This won’t solve all HTML to RTF problems, but has a good chance of cleaning this one up.

Rgds - Jerome