Copy / paste files in Outline?

I keep trying instinctively to select a file in the Outline and use Cmd-C to copy it, then select a new folder and Cmd-V to Paste. This doesn’t work and instead I have to go back to the original file and choose “Copy To” and then navigate through my folder hierarchy in-menu.

Am I missing something, or should this be a feature request?

What about using the Documents → Duplicate command to copy the file in place, and then drag (or use the Documents → Move To command) to the destination?

Or, alternatively, if this is a file that you duplicate often, you could use a Document Template to generate new copies of it anywhere you like. (See Section 7.5 in the manual for more information about Document Templates.)


I guess Duplicate plus dragging could be slightly more intuitive. I do use Document Templates sometimes but this is a different use case (just normal reshuffling). Thanks.