Copy & Paste from doesn't copy text AND images in the same selection

If I select text & and image(s) in Pages only the text is pasted into Scrivener.
If I only select one (or more) images then they are pasted into scrivener.

This is outside of Scrivener’s control. Scrivener can only paste what Pages gives it, and Pages controls what goes on the clipboard.

As an alternative, you might save the Pages file into a format that Scrivener can import directly, such as Word.

I had a look with a clipboard viewer and Pages is putting the text and the image in the clipboard, but this comes back to supporting Pages document parsing.

Sciverver is grabbing the ‘public.[type]’ file (e.g. RTF or PNG) from the clipboard but the original doc is under the* object namespace and Pages only puts an RTF if text and images are selected, yada yada…

I manually did copy & paste of the small number of images but will try the Word export next time, thanks.

The Pages format is not public, so Scrivener isn’t able to read it.

However the Pages → Word exporter is pretty good. (Which is why we recommend using Word, not RTF, as the exchange format.)