Copy & Paste from PDF

Im new to scrivener and want to use it for scientific work.

So I switched to split screen, put a PDF-article in one window and wanted to write a summary in the other window. My problem is that I can’t copy and paste text. (although I can mark it, as the PDF is with text recognition).

Any help?

This point has been raised here many times, e.g., by me, when I first started using Scrivener. It seems to be one of the limitations that new users in Windows encounter most frequently. The answer from the Scrivener support folks is that this functionality is planned for a future release.

As stated, this issue has been around for a while. See:



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Great! Thanks.

By coincidence I came across this article titled “How to Edit a PDF”: … dit-a-pdf/

The noteworthy entry is the third item in the list, the free program AbleWord. I did a quick test of it on a PDF and a Word document. My quick tests on the PDF loading and editing impressed me.

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Looks like there will be some improvements in PDF features in version 1.7:

You might try downloading the beta version & see how if it solves your problem.

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As I saw that this thread is about PDFs, I wanted to share a couple of pages that I stumbled upon during my search, it really saved my final project PDF document :slight_smile: Here are the pages: How to edit a PDF and the other one is Adobe’s pdf editing guide.

Hope this helps some other desperate people who are having problems with PDF. Could people who read this entry share their pdf editing guide examples as well? The more the merrier :smiley: