Copy/paste from WEB gives weird margin settings

Over many years I have come across websites (like New York Times) that will give weird result when pasted into scrivener. I have fixed it by running a macro that will reset the margins. It works, but looking into it again after a discussion with a friend I realised that it is not actually the margin but the “Indent” I am correcting. :smiley:

problem seems to be caused by the pasted text, setting/forcing the Left to a higher value than the Right!!! This makes the text “fall off the cliff in single file” as you can see from screenshot.
My question is really, would it be possible to have an item in the “Format/Paragraph” menu, that will “Reset Indents to 0” ???


Quick suggestions:

  • use Paste and Match Style (which in other apps is often called “Paste Text Only”) and it will be in the default set in Scrivener.

  • if you want to preserve any italics in the text, immediately after pasting use Document → Convert → Text to Default Formatting…




I would also recommend you use the Zap Gremlins command.

Web page areas that just look like text can be as deeply and as idiosyncratically (and as invisibly) coded as one can imagine. It is to me amazing that Copy & Paste works for us at all!

Using Zap Gremlins :japanese_ogre: will be too brutal here, for my purpose