Copy paste in Fullscreen mode w/ black background

Hey Keith,

just for your information, a quick report of a small bug that has already turned into an old friend.

working in screenplay- & fullscreen mode (I use amber text on black background)
copy/pasting a piece of dialogue (Character & the line of dialogue)
-> the character will show up, the dialogue won’t.
looking closely, its just the dialogue’s textcolor that’s turned black, i.e. invisible over the black background
Workaround: switching back to normal mode, and back to fullscreen again, everything is fine again.

Snowleopard 10.6.4 (happens since I use Scrivener, presumably already on Tiger)
2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
(had the same bug on an PowerPC iBook though)

best regards,

Curious - I’ve never seen this or heard it reported before. This should be fixed in 2.0 no matter what, though, as 2.0 uses a different method for overwriting the text colour.

Thanks and all the best,

Yes, it appears to be fixed. I cannot replicated it in recent builds.

Oops, I didn’t mention: I’m using 1.54
Wonder whats the special thing about my config … especially because it also happened on the iBook using Tiger. Could it be my homegrown font coloring?
Keith, I think I’ll almost miss it when 2.0 comes along. You know, in this lonely writes’s world, some bugs can turn into beloved pets…

(now this was a really brief attack of procrastination - anyone ever used “SelfControl” to block their internet while working? As basic as it is - I tell you, it HELPS!)

Actually Ioa was talking about the latest 2.0 build - Ioa, being team L&L, has access to the latest alpha builds - and was, I believe, just confirming that this is something definitely fixed for 2.0.


Thanks, Keith!

Yup, just to confirm that is what I meant. I can definitely replicate the issue in 1.54 using any font colour override—but it’s already been fixed indirectly in the unreleased versions.