Copy/Paste/Move Document & Project references

It came up a while ago that someone wanted to move some references to or from Project References, but there apparently is no way to do that. If adding references to the copy/paste buffer is too difficult, maybe there could be another option under the + button that lets you add a reference from another document’s reference pane (or from the Project’s reference pane, of course).

It would be handy though, to be able to paste references to multiple documents easily; I’m compiling some research from a website into a project, and want to keep the source URL attached to the document I’m pasting those words into, as well as to the sub-documents that I split the original into. I forgot to add it initially, and now I have 10 or so documents that need the same reference URL added to them. Being able to paste them to a multiple selection would be really nice. :smiley:

I think this has been resolved with the ability to drag references from one list to another. Naturally, this cannot be done solely with the Inspector. If you wish to copy some references from a particular item to the Project References list (or vice versa) then you would need to open up that item as a QuickReference panel, access the references for it there, and then drag and drop to the inspector.

Hitting the QuickRef button in the toolbar is an easy way to open the current document as a panel.

Thanks for the hint. I’m glad there is a way after all, but it would be handy if QR panels weren’t required in future releases.

Although it’s not a bad idea, Copy/Paste would be inconsistent, only working with external references (because you couldn’t paste internal references to another project), but more importantly, there’s only so much we can do, and there is a lot on the list that is a higher priority than this, sorry. :slight_smile: But I will consider it for a future release.

Well, if it has to wait until the future, then I guess that’ll do. :stuck_out_tongue: I can see that regular copy/paste would be problematic, which is why I suggested adding a drop-down option to the reference pane, similar in function to the Documents->Move To menu. But since there’s a workable solution in the present, I can wait until the not-present for a less floaty-panel alternative.

Have a nice weekend!