Copy Paste not working in new scrivener 3 on windows 10

Select /Copy/paste works OK within other applications on the laptop and copy material from other apps into scrivener will paste ok but within scrivener 3 on my win10 the copy/paste shows blank.

I can copy paste into scrivener from other apps but not out to other apps (or within scrivener itself.) Looks like copy function does not copy anything.

both ctl C and right click fail to capture selected material

I’ve tried this in the latest version and for me it works fine.

Your comment is meaningless.

Just because it works on your system does not imply it will work on all other systems.

The idea here is that LL needs to see if the condition is/has been reported by others previously and to find the common cause of the conditions that are causing it.

I have 2 other win10 systems each with their own license but different build versions of win10 that are not showing the problem.

Even on the problem unit, CPaste works correctly on other applications just not in the Scriv3 application.

Problem was not resolved by restarting rdpclip.exe

Problem was resolved by rebooting.

Thank you for your friendly reply.

I thought I would give LL the information that this wasn’t a universal problem. But if you think that’s not useful information then fair enough.

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