Copy/paste - odd behaviour

I Imported a couple of web pages from which I tried to copy and paste the text to an ordinary rtf file inthebinder - to no avail. The edit menu only offered ‘copy special’ and all of the items under that were grayed out.

I then tried to select the text in the web page and drag it to the doc in the binder - no good. Finally I found that if I dragged it to the web page’s own document notes in the inspector it was fine, and from there I could copy/paste it into the file in the binder (and probably anywhere else).

The reason I’m explaining this at such painful length is that I find the behaviour odd. Surely you should be able to copy text (and pictures) straight out of a web page and paste it where you want? :slight_smile:

Which browser (and version) are you using to copy and paste from, and did you try pasting into Notepad or something else as well, just to make sure the browser itself was copying correctly?

I mainly use Firefox, which, at the moment is V 7.0.1. I also checked in Chrome v 14.0.835.202 m and in Opera v 11.51 and in IE v 9.0.2. Copy and paste is working fine in all of them.

Further to the above. I thought I’d play around in scrivener to better understand the copy/paste problem.

The web page I imported was Simon Haynes ‘How to write a Novel’ -

If I highlighted a section of text and used the edit menu the results were as stated above: nothing available except ‘copy special’ and the sub menu of that grayed out.

However if I use right click on the mouse then the highlighted text on the imported web page greyed out, and a neat little ‘copy’ button appears. Clicking on this did copy the text - or text and links - and then paste worked without a problem. :smiley:

I hope this helps.

Okay, yes I see this result when using pages that have been imported as HTML files. Since the HTML importer is currently text only anyway, maybe try setting “Convert HTML files to text” in the General option tab and see if that result is okay for you. It’ll end up as an ordinary text item in Scrivener; so full editing power. This does appear to be a current limitation though; rather than a bug per se. It looks as though the HTML viewer cannot easily communicate selection details to the rest of the program, if that makes sense. So the program is not aware that you’ve selected text within the HTML page and thus the edit menu functions dim out.

Sure. It’s not a problem as the ‘right click and ‘copy’’ works. Thanks. :slight_smile: