Copy/Paste Text AND Images?

I’m just starting with Scrivener so… please bear with me as I will surely have a lot of newbie questions.

I’m working on my first Scrivener doc… I have been using Mac Pages for a long time, so that’s where the text I want to work with begins.

The text has a lot of images pasted into the pages.

I just selected a large block of type within which were embedded several images.

When I pasted the selected text/images into Scrivener, the text showed up fine, but no images.

Is there a way to copy/paste a body of text with in-line images into a Scrivener page, or do these pages just not handle images at all?



Welcome to Scrivener! :slight_smile:

With migrating from Pages, I would recommend using Pages to save the documents as a .docx files. Both programs can read/write Word files at high quality. Once you have the .docx files, simply drag and drop them from Finder into your project binder to import them.

Hey driver49 - another small piece of advice from someone who has been using Scrivener for almost a year. Watch as many of the tutorial videos on the site as you can, and also those on Youtube. Also something called “Interactive tutorial” in the help menu. It is a sort of ‘manual for the rest of us’ :laughing:

That sounds like a good suggestion, and I just tried it, but none of the image files I have embedded in the Pages doc imported into my Scrivener doc.

For the record, these are the steps: in Pages, I had to export the file to a Word.docx doc; I tried both the “Import” command and drag-and-drop into Scrivener. Same result in both cases - no image files.

There are not so many images that I can’t manually paste them in, but I expect to need to do this again in the future so I’d really like to figure out how to do it.



I followed that advice this morning and already have learned a valuable lesson - that I can have multiple Scrivener projects open at the same time. I’m starting to like this program… :laughing:

Hmm, it could be the Java .docx converter that we use is either switched off, or not working properly. First, check in the Import/Export preference pane and make sure that, Enable Enhanced converters… is on, at the very bottom. If it is checked off, experiment with the second option to use a system Java install by turning it off, testing an import, then on.

If everything seems to be set up properly, you can run a simple test to see whether the Java converters are working properly (Scrivener will automatically fall back to the OS X converters if they fail): add a comment to one of the documents, in Pages, export again to .docx, and then drop that into Scrivener. If the comment ports over successfully, then you know the Java converters are working.

Is this thing still on? It’s been several weeks so I hope this will rise to the top of the queue…

I just tried to import a doc THREE times:

#1 with the default settings in the Import/Export panel. Both “Enable enhanced converters…” and “Use system version of Java…” checked. None of the images in the original doc imported into Scrivner.

#2 I tried unchecking the second check box, “Use system version of Java…” Import again, still no images.

#3 I toggled “Use system version of Java…” back to checked/on. STILL no images.

This is really putting a crimp on my ability to use Scrivener for one particular purpose. Think we can get it to work?



Word. Shudder.

Have you tried exporting from Pages as RTF and then importing to Scrivener?

If your version of Pages doesn’t export RTF, perhaps you can export the Word file to RTF and then …

Copy & Paste from Pages to Scrivener works (for me). Includes text and images. Edit > Paste.

It occurs to me to add this detail that I just discovered.

I noticed that there are SOME images that have imported.

The images that have imported are JPGs.

The images that have NOT imported are screen-shots, which the MacOS renders as PNGs.

Could it be that the PNGs are not importing (they appear to be exporting to the DOCx, because I opened that file and the images are there).

I can drop PNGs into a Scrivener doc/file, so it’s not that Scrivener can’t handle PNGs, but apparently it does have an issue with importing them…??


FYI, I tested PNG screenshots, and they imported fine.

RTF worked more reliably than .doc or .docx (better layout preservation).

Copy & Paste worked without problem.

Agreed. I have purged ALL things MSFT from my life since I switched to Mac in 2007 (after two-decades-plus of CPM, DOS, and Windows). I don’t miss any of it.

Pages can’t export to RTF - only PDF, Word, Plain Text, ePub, or Pages '09. And I don’t have Word, so I can’t open the doc to export it into RTF.

See my note re: JPG -v- PNG ? Could that be the part of the issue?


I’ve done some additional testing with Pages and found that if I use floating box placement of any sort, the images won’t carry over (which doesn’t seem to be a problem exclusive to Scrivener, the same thing happens in Nisus Writer Pro, although it did work with LibreOffice). Try setting the images to “Inline with Text”, under “Text Wrap” and see if that works better.

I think the PNG/JPG thing might be a coincidence, that does not seem to be the determining factor over here (at least with Pages 5.5).

Update: And if you have hundreds of these things and would find that work-around to be too time consuming, I just tested Pages->DOCX->LibreOffice->RTF->Scrivener, and that brought all of the images over successfully, no matter their original settings in Pages.

Pages '09 can do RTF (I’m using an old MacBook at the moment).

PNG works fine.

Perhaps Ioa’s solution (above) will work for you… have you got a lot of files to convert?

I’ll try that tomorrow (or maybe tonight).

I have only one file to convert, with maybe 1-2 images, and yeah, I “float” them all. So I’ll try putting them inline and re ex/import.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



That seems to have worked. Those images that I re-formatted to “Inline with Text” are now showing up in the doc imported into Scrivener. Hooray.

There were a couple of images that did not give me “Inline With Text” as a formatting option. Those did NOT import. But at this point I’ve got enough to proceed. In the future, all images will be formatted “Inline With Text” - though it may cease to be much of an issue since I’m using Scrivener now for a lot of what I used pages for.