Copy paste text in the editor

I am a total newbie :blush: , trying Scrivener out and so frustrated because I don’t seem te be able to copy/paste text within the editor. What am I missing?

So to explain a bit more: I am writing in the editor (started a blank project, not from template) and now I want to rearrange my text a bit. I can select, than copy, but when I try to paste nothing happens, the option ‘paste’ in de menu is also grayscaled.

Selecting a piece of text and trying to move it within the editor doesn’t work either.

Help! :slight_smile:


That sounds like some kind of application or system level problem to me. The first thing I would try is reinstalling the software from a fresh download and rebooting the computer. Stuff like this is usually a transient glitch that will go away after resetting the system.

If that doesn’t work, I’d be curious if typing something into Apple’s free TextEdit editor and then copying and pasting works within TextEdit, and secondarily, if you can copy from TextEdit and then paste into Scrivener. None of that is meant to suggest a way of working of course, it’s just a diagnostic step to determine how widespread the problem is.

Many thanks!! It worked!