copy/paste text with footnotes

Am I right in understanding you can’t copy and paste within a Scrivener project and maintain the footnote formatting? The copy/paste is wonderful outside of Scrivener, as you get the [x] formatting for the footnote, but within Scrivener it is a pain.

I know you can drag and drop text with footnotes, but this is difficult and tedious with a long project or document. A keyboard cut and paste is fast, efficient, and unambiguous.

Thanks for such a wonderful product!

I can’t really explain what the problem is, as ordinarily there is no problem—at least I don’t think. :slight_smile: I’d need a clearer description of what is going on, preferably an A/B example with a description of what one expects of B as opposed to what one gets.

But as a guess, have you perhaps ever in the past customised your software similarly to this recent post? If you rewire paste to plain-text, then of course footnotes will be “broken”, along with bold and italics and comments and everything else.

I had not created a keyboard shortcut, but your excellent theory got me to thinking. It ends up the utility app Copied, a clipboard manager, was converting everything to plain text, which is why I was losing my rich text formatting and footnotes. I was also losing my mind a bit! Fortunately Copied can be turned off on a per-app basis.

Thanks so much.