Copy Paste with Paragraph Breaks

Sometimes I want to copy some text from Scrivener to a forum or elsewhere. When I do this, paragraph breaks are converted into line breaks. So, for example, if I copied this:

The result would be this:

On qqq date, the president’s chief of staff, Maddix Young, entered the Oval Office, interrupting a meeting between President Hallstrom and the leaders of France and England. The leaders and their staffs were sitting on the couches in the center of the room.
Young didn’t burst into the office, or even move fast, but everyone looked up and knew that something important had happened.
Young looked down at the carpet as he strode over to president, put his hands on the back of the couch, leaned over, and whispered in his ear.
The president said simply, “They’ll stay,” and Young turned and left. Hallstrom leaned forward, put his elbows on his knees, put his hands together, and rested his chin in the crook between the index fingers and the thumbs. All waited for a full minute as the president thought. Finally, he sat back up.

As a result, I need to go in and add extra lines. Is there any way to avoid that final step? For example, could I compile to a PDF, and do my copying and pasting from there?


I may be misunderstanding, but it looks like the issue is just with how the paragraphs are formatted, that in Scrivener there’s some before- or after-paragraph spacing set. It’s still just a single return, though, so no matter how you compile, when copied into a plain-text space, that spacing is going to disappear and you’ll need to add additional returns. You could copy and paste to Word or such first and run a replace to substitute double returns for single, then copy and paste from there to the forum.

Greetings Al and MM

When you copy out from Scrivener’s editor, the content is stored in at least three separate clipboards: RTF, HTML, and plain text. The application you paste into will use the richest clipboard it recognizes.

Scrivener’s HTML copy operation divides your Scrivener paragraphs into HTML paragraph blocks. So if you then paste into the open source HTML editors Kompozer or BlueGriffon, you’ll see the paragraphing is recognized. If you copy out from one of those apps into a plain text application such as Notepad, the paragraph breaks will be retained.

Interestingly, if you copy several paragraphs of text from Scrivener into WordPad, the paragraphs will be displayed according to your WordPad paragraph specs, with spacing between if you want it. But the breaks will not be copied out into WordPad’s plain text clipboard, so you’ll be back where you started.

Kompozer (lightweight) or BlueGriffon (comprehensive and extensible) will do what you seek. Just paste in from Scrivener, and copy out again into your forum.

Rgds – Jerome

OK, thanks. If I ever need to send a big selection via text, I’ll use one of those solutions.

I wonder if if might be worthwhile to have a compile to txt option that would convert paragraph breaks to double linebreaks.

Yes, we have plans to add a transformation option to compile for converting the white space.