When I click Ctrl+A, then copy and then try to paste that into a new document/text everything doesn’t show up. There’s a middle bit missing. But if I close the new document and open it again it’s there.

Don’t know if this is a known bug or not…


This sounds new and exciting. Are you able to consistently reproduce it and give me the steps? I’m not seeing it so far in testing, so guidance on how to view this would be great. If you’re only seeing it when copying the text of one particular document, any chance you could create a mock project with that document and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I could try it (make sure it still works in the mock project, of course)? Thanks!

I’ve tried it with different documents in different files. It seems to be the same every time, at least if the document is more than 800 words.
I click Ctrl+A to select everything.
Then I right click and select copy.
Open the new document, or mark it if I have a split screen.
Right click and select paste.
The middle is missing, but the word and chars count is correct. If I close the document and open it again it is all there as it should be.

And the document I pasted into was new, empty and untitled. And I have the template set to Novel. Don’t know if that’s important.