Copy+Pasting[BUG LOGGED]

EDIT: Slight change in my information!

First of all, the copy+pasting is both for manual and CTRL-A selecting.

Second, it is only the specific document that will have the blue and underlining of the text. I’m going to keep checking my other Google Documents and see if there’s a function on Google Docs itself that’s making it happen.


I don’t know if this one appeared yet but I checked all the old posts, so please show me if it actually has appeared before.

This happens when copying by manually selecting the text with the mouse rather than using CTRL-A. When I cut/copy from a Google Document to Scrivener, the text is altered (shrunken, in this case), which happens whenever you copy and paste from one sort of word processor to another. When in Scrivener, though, I can’t change the font size at all, so it will remain at Verdana size 8 even though the default font and size for both Google Docs and Scriv is listed as Verdana size 10. Everything else looks alterable.

Also, the first character of every paragraph I copy is blue and underlined. I can’t alter that no matter what I do.

Also, there was the odd entire sentence at the end of a short paragraph that was blue and underlined. Also can’t change that.

If you want to see my comments (which just point out what’s what), it’s there, just right-click and view the image in another tab.

Okay, I don’t have much to say when it comes to the bug, but I /had/ to say that I love that video game. :smiley:

Oh lord, I wondered if anyone was going to be able to tell what that was from! We should chat it up. :wink:

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This happened to me to and I know this is a bit of a lame fix, but when I copied into a plain text editor (I use Textpad) first, then copied that into Scrivener, it used the default font and size. Still can’t change it to anything else in Scrivener, but at least it isn’t any smaller.

Oh, interesting. Does it happen with all of the things you copy and paste? It seems to be selective in my case (check my edits in the opening post), but I might be able to track down the reason.

Hmm. I’ve experienced the font size changing when copying/pasting to and from Google Docs and other programs, but haven’t yet had it with Scrivener. From what I’ve experienced, I think it’s more likely a GD issue.

The random faux hyperlinking (blue underlining) I’ve had happen in Scrivener as well, but have not experienced it with GD and other programs.

I’ve used the intermediate text editor trick copying from Word, Google Docs, and other web pages. The only thing it changes is formatting from the source to plain text - everything at 10pt (so headers become normal text).

Are we implying that Scrivener pays attention to the source of the clipboard contents and tries to resolve formatting issues accordingly (and is failing)?

From anecdotal evidence and experience, it seems a strong possibility to me.

Spacing in formatting is also kind of messed up, but I figured that was par for course when copy+pasting between word processors.

These are all RTF bugs and have been logged. Thank you.