Copy/pasting formatting from Google Docs to Scrivener

I had several files on Google Docs that I don’t want to lose italics and bold for. I don’t care about fonts, font sizes, etc., but if I lose the italics and bolds, the project will be pretty useless to me as it relies heavily on those two.

When I copy/paste to Scrivener, it makes the whole thing one long “link” (as if it were linking out to something) and refuses to let me remove it. However, when I copy/paste & match style, I lose all formatting (it’s basically just ctrl/shift/v).

Is there any way around this? I want to keep my bold and italic formatting, and Scrivener isn’t super useful to me if I can’t, nor do I want to go through and reformat it all.

I think Google Docs can export to RTF. That’s Scrivener’s native format, so that would be the way to go.


Welcome to the forums, kellynroth. This question has come up before; you could search for it. But I think Katherine’s solution is likely to be the simplest. RTF out, RTF in, ta-da!

Thanks! I’ve tried that, but it always makes the text cover only about half a page, doubtless because the Google Docs was 8.5 x 11 while Scrivener is considerably wider as far as page size goes. Is there any way to fix that?

The view in the Scrivener editor is just whatever the window size is. The output will size to fit whatever page size you want.


Even at full screen, the text cuts off halfway through the page. I can provide screenshots if necessary, but it appears that importing it in this way maintains the page size of the document before (even slightly smaller - or it appears so) and does not allow it to take up the entire screen.

You could try the Documents menu > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style (sec. 15.4.4 of the Manual). This should reset the margins properly without removing bold and italics. Try it on one smaller document, and if you don’t like the result, Ctrl+Z should undo it.

Okay, that worked after a couple different tries! Thanks.

Great, glad to know it!

I have this same issue. Even when I convert the Google Doc to an rtf, it only imports some of the italicized formatting and half of the indents. So I still have to go through the entire document and change things.