Copy/Pasting into Scrivener Bug

Hello all,

I copied some text from website into Scrivener on several occasions. I was using the “blank” file format and had a 1 pixel page break between pages. The problem is that the text would disappear within a single page, and not continue on into the next page. However, the text was still there because even though I could not see the disappeared text, I could copy all and paste into Office or Text Edit and the complete text would be there. I tried copying from Office or Textedit into a new file in Scrivener, along with import the text as a Office or Texteditdocument, but the same problem would appear. On once occasion the problem disappeared once I rebooted Scrivener. On the second occasion it wouldn’t go away!!!

Do you have the website URL and the precise range of text you selected and copied from? Also the browser you used would be helpful for reproducing the bug.