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I’m sure I’m the most disorganized writer using Scrivener. I’m writing Fantasy and have had many false starts and format changes concerning my project. Which leaves me with significant work scattered across multiple projects.

Is there a way to move elements from one project to another of my various projects? I’m copy/pasting text from scenes in one to scenes in another having to create a new blank scene as a target, I’m hoping there is a more efficient way such as dragging a scene/chapter/part to the new target. Thanks for the help…

If you have both projects open, you should be able to drag and drop from binder project 1 to binder project 2. Please note that this is a copy, not a move.

You can also try the Import Project (File > Import > Scrivener Project) command. See the manual section 9.1.5 for details. If it were me, I’d create a new project, then import one of my projects into the new project. If that seems to work out well, I’d do the others, and then commence reorganizing all the material.


I’ve attempted this in the past hoping it was that easy and it was not allowed. It works now and that is brilliant.

Thanks Jim

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Open two projects side by side and drag/drop folders or files from one to the other.

Just to add a nuance to the advice to have both projects over and drag from one to the other…

Don’t forget that this also works for any metadata you’ve created on the old project (e.g. statuses, labels, custom metadata etc): just open project settings on both projects and drag and drop between them. If you’re used custom styles, then use the Import Styles feature to do the same.

But do these things before you copy the documents open, so that their metadata will automatically be associated in the new home. (BTW This latter point is something I’m sure I’ve noticed in the past, but I’m not in a position to check at the moment. It can’t hurt to do it in this order though…)