Copy select folders from one project to a different one in IOS

I’m breaking up my novel into two volumes and need to copy a number of folders (for characters, places, other notes) from one project (Volume 1) to another (Volume 2).

I suppose I can simply save my first project under a new name and then delete the manuscript folder structure, keeping only the folders I need, but there must be a more elegant solution to copy/paste from one project to another.

What I decided to do was open up a new project and label it as “XXX Project Bible”. I organized all my character, setting, etc folders in there. I couldn’t figure out how to move a file from one project to another. I don’t think it can be done on the iOS version.

:smiley: then I guess until the scrivener meisters tell us otherwise the deed can’t be done in iOS.

Your proposal is probably the simplest way to accomplish this in the current v1 version of iOS Scrivener.

This would be very easy to do the desktop version, so my assumption is that you don’t own it or you simply would have done it there.

You could always download a trial of the desktop version, but there would likely be a bit of learning curve if you haven’t used it before. So you are probably still better off doing it the way you proposed.