Copy Without Annotations/Comments (of any kind)

This is super minor, but may be a point of confusion: a regular copy/paste will include inspector comments and footnotes, and to not include them requires selecting Copy Special>Copy without inline annotations or footnotes. But given that they aren’t inline, that’s not necessarily obvious (or in reverse, I suppose it may not be obvious that the inspector comments and footnotes will get included in a regular copy). I didn’t see any note about this in the manual either; it refers to the inline annotations and footnotes but not the inspector ones.

So, just throwing that out there.

Good point; this must have changed at some point and neither the docs nor the menu label kept up. I’ve made a note of it.

Changed to “Copy without Comments and Footnotes” for 2.0.2 (and fixed bug whereby links remain in the paste for inspector comments and footnotes).