Copy without Comments & Footnotes

Is there any way to make this the default? I never, ever want to copy my comments with the text. Ever. It’s such a PITA to copy and paste, then on review realize I’ve copied the comments – again – and have to go back and re-copy the text.

You can change the keyboard shortcut via System Preferences.

Sorry, new to Mac, still. Forgot I could do that – thanks!

Ah, in case you need full instructions, then, we have a full explanation of how to do this here (which I always forget to post a link to): … er-for-mac

Not a great solution, it turns out. If I re-map it, it works fine when copying from a document. But that command is greyed out most other places, which means I have to remember the other key binding or go use the track pad.

I know it’s probably not high on your to-do list, but if it’s possible to at least be on the to-do list, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks for an awesome product, regardless.