Copy Word doc to Scrivener?

I have a 45 page outline that I want to copy into Scrivener. Can this be done and maintain the same format?

It’s been several months since I viewed the tutorials and I don’t have time to review them. Mea culpa.
As I recall, I was able to upload (?) word docs, but they had to be translated into another file type.

Thanks for your time.


Yes, you can import Word documents fine. Some of the finer formatting may be lost with the current importers, which is why we have in the past recommended saving from Word as RTF and importing the RTF file rather than the .doc or .docx file. The next update makes some improvements, here, though, and you can download a beta of that update here:

As long as Java is installed (and it will prompt you to do so), this version can use better importers that should be as good at handling .doc and .docx files as RTF files, but let me know how you get on.

All the best,