Copying A Blog Post Into Scrivener

When I select/copy the content from the blog post, and then PASTE it into Scrivener, the result is a tiny font. (This is true whether I just click PASTE or PASTE AND MATCH STYLE. When I select the content and click the font size number, nothing changes. I also can’t change the font name or style.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

You likely selected too much of the thing & might have included some of the formatting from the web page.
What I found worked best for me is to select the text starting at the bottom, selecting the last letter (or, for some websites, the second to last, when it doesn’t seem possible to separate the last letter from some additional invisible code), and scroll to the top and select the first letter (or the second one sometimes for the same reasons as above).

That usually fixes the recalcitrant pastes.


  • Sometimes the titles must be copy/pasted separately.
  • Make sure to use a fresh document to paste into
  • Alternatively you can scrub the text via notepad (you are on windows), but you will lose all formatting, images, etc…

Additional addendum :wink:

  • There is a “show invisibles” in scrivener, that I have not used yet, that may allow you to see what is going on and clean it up manually.

Did you try using Paste and Match Style in a fresh document, or just after undoing the previous paste? PaMS should work for you, but formatting can linger, so try doing it in a fresh document to be sure. You can also try using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style; that often cleans the text fairly well, though you may also be copying background colours and things that won’t get erased by that. This is mostly a problem with Chrome, so you could also try copying and pasting from a different browser if that’s the one you’re using, although PaMS is probably preferable unless you’re quite laissez faire with your browser. :wink: