Copying and pasting from Scrivener to Word for Mac has issues

When I copy and paste from Scrivener into a Word doc for Mac, the line spacing glitches, as well as creating extra spaces between " and ', whether in dialog or on contractions of words like ‘Don’t’. This just started happening. I have the latest versions of both Scrivener and Word for Mac. What’s up???

What happens if you Compile or Export instead of copying and pasting?

If this just started happening, what changed? Scrivener update? Word update? Mac OS update?

I only want to copy and paste one scene, so though I haven’t used either Export or Compile before, I assumed they were for the entire document. ?? And yes, IOS did update recently!

If you copy and paste, you are stuck with whatever formatting is on the clipboard. Probably the reason for the sudden change is that the recent MacOS update changed something.

Both Export and Compile work with one or more documents from Scrivener’s Binder, but if necessary you can use the Document → Split command to separate out a chunk and then Documents → Merge to glue it back together. Both Export and Compile can produce either Word or RTF output.

A few things I would try:

  1. What happens if you choose Paste and Match Style in Word instead of regular Paste?

  2. After the Paste, what happens if you select the result and pick a different font? Does the appearance of extra visual space go away? (I am assuming we are talking about visual space not spurious intervening space characters.)

  3. Does any of the text being copied and pasted originate, for example, in material you copied and pasted from a web page, rather than typed yourself? You can get a lot of unknown funkiness by doing a straight Paste from web sources. Use the Zap Gremlins function in Scrivener to clean your text and try again.

Thanks so much! I will definitely try those fixes!