Copying and pasting images

I’ve created a page with text and added images. I added the images by dragging the PNG file into Scrivener into the area I want it to appear. I select all of the text and image, go to a new page, and paste. The text will paste but there is no image. What am I doing wrong? thanks in advance!

Ok, I see the ODD Scrivener behavior now. If the area I have copied has a graphic, I must go manually into the Menu and select Paste.

The default shortcuts are Cmd-V for Paste and Opt-Shift-Cmd-V for Paste and Match Style. Might you have changed them earlier at some point? You can adjust shortcuts in the Keyboard section of System Preferences. Testing with the inserted PNG as you described, copying and pasting the text and graphic with the Cmd-C and Cmd-V shortcuts works as expected, retaining the image and formatting, and if it’s working for you using the menu, it seems like the shortcuts just got hijacked.

That was the problem, many thanks. I have no idea how that happened. I have also removed my complaint from the post above, it’s not warranted. Thanks again!